Playlist of the Month: February 2017.


Hello everyone!

After my extremely long and somewhat unnecessary hiatus, I am reviving my website! Stay tuned for some exciting changes, as well as a new layout.

I’d like to begin each month with a Spotify playlist. Not only do I think it’s my secret calling in life (Seriously. I love making playlists.), but I also just am generally enthusiastic about sharing music with people. Music is such a great way to connect and communicate with others. It is so raw and inspiring. From jazz to rock, there is something to be learned in each song.

Being that February is generally considered a month of love (Valentine’s Day, snow, and the continuing cuddle season), I thought this playlist was a wonderful embodiment of the month. I hope you feel all of the tenderness and warmth this month has to offer.

(Click HERE for the playlist!)

À bientôt!


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On the Cusp of Greatness

Dear fellow high school seniors,

Before you lies a world brewing in bedlam caused by lack and greed and inattentiveness and false wealth.

Before you is a universe of possibility with many of its doors locked, and within you, wrapped up in your imaginations, your passions, and your capabilities, lies the key to one of these veiled opportunities.

You are on the cusp of greatness, and whether or not you will find yourself at the doors of an ivy-covered gate this fall, or whether or not you graduated with a 4.0 GPA, what you decide to do with the rest of your life will have an impact somewhere.

Most of us will decide to create plans for our lives that allow us to live comfortably, choosing careers for the promise of comfortable earnings or for the hope of personal satisfaction. 

Nurses for job security.

Painters for constant contentment.

Surgeons for high wages.

I am troubled.

In our hands, in our nation of abundance, we wield great power. With our bountiful opportunities, we will very likely, unfortunately, channel them to the fulfillment of one–to our own individual satisfaction.

I challenge all of us to reach into our depths to resuscitate the parts of us that feel compassion for the plight of others, and then maintain that compassion, that awareness of the poor conditions in which many in our planet live in, in order to be promoters of good. We have 





what are we going to do with it?

I suggest we do good. For others.

Joelle is boring and annoying.

What normal teenage girl quotes Zora Neale Hurston and NPR news reports on the regular? And tries for stupid scholarships like the one to FFVF? Does she think she’s better than us?

I swear, every time the teacher asks a question, she answers it. I mean, I get that it’s quiet, and the few other people who had the courage to answer have spoken, but does she always have to voice her own opinion? That’s why you see me roll my eyes when she raises her hand.

Have you noticed how she nods her head when she agrees with something the religion teacher or chapel speaker says? As if she’s in a black church…at least she doesn’t shout amen all the time.

She acts so white; she’s not even funny like black girls are on tv.

Why does she talk so much about race issues? Prejudice isn’t even problem any more.

And allll she ever talks about is college applications; I swear I’ve never seen anyone work harder to get away from this town. I wonder why…

7 Mysteries Demystified For The College Bound

Thought Catalog

Congrats! You’ve graduated from high school and are heading off to college in a few short (the shortest of your life) weeks! I really do envy you. One of the greatest moments of my life was finding that I belonged in college, and each year when the leaves start changing color I feel nostalgia for my Urbana afternoons.

Perhaps you’ve gotten into your dream school. That’s fantastic. But if you’re like I was, you’ll end up at a safety school. You might feel that a dream has been shattered or that you’ve let yourself down. Feel this if you must, but know that you’re being unfair. If you’re planning on graduating from college, this is just the beginning, and you don’t really know much about college yet. Even if your parents or siblings are college graduates, there’s little they can predict about how much you’ll change in only the first…

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Rejection (email) letter

Approximately two hours and 15 minutes ago, I received my admissions decision from Stanford: a rejection. The letter was far less condescending than I imagined it to be; in fact, the dean of admissions used such words as “humbled” and “complimented” in describing how they felt about my (and every other rejectee’s) application. He even directed the rejectees to an article he wrote for that includes two examples of current Stanford professors that were rejected as undergraduate candidates.

Anyway, I was mentally prepared for this. It was my mother who was the saddest; she went to give me a hug, and I was really reluctant to draw into the embrace for fear that doing so would make this a bigger deal than it honestly is.

Because I am freaked out from the many stories of stupid things teenagers post on the internet, I will try to disclose a little less on which schools accept me. I will definitely post exactly which schools rejected me. 

So far, I have 4 acceptance letters to my name.