Sitting, Waiting, Wishing.


I’ve tried.


I’ve tried to focus on the Echolier, A&P, NHS–anything to distract me from the pending admissions decisions. With approximately 47 days until April 1st, the day on which I will for sure have all my rejection and acceptance letters, I know that allowing myself to be overtaken by the anxiety and curiosity of my final college options will leave me drained, due to my wasted emotions.

However, the very aspects of my life that are prevalent enough to act as distractions actually end up pulling me back to college worries. Will the admissions officers read my Echolier articles? Will I get the A that I need to make the burden of A&P–and the honors diploma—worthwhile? Is NHS even really a credential that helps to distinguish me from every other perfect charitable applicant?

So you see, my admissions decision anxiety is unavoidable.

But I’m not sure if I, along with my friends and family, can take another 47 more days of the unknown, of charting out the possibilities based on unknown possibilities. I’d love to be able to give people an answer when they ask, “Are you going to Southern?” (Notice it’s not “where are you going to college?”)


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