Joelle is boring and annoying.

What normal teenage girl quotes Zora Neale Hurston and NPR news reports on the regular? And tries for stupid scholarships like the one to FFVF? Does she think she’s better than us?

I swear, every time the teacher asks a question, she answers it. I mean, I get that it’s quiet, and the few other people who had the courage to answer have spoken, but does she always have to voice her own opinion? That’s why you see me roll my eyes when she raises her hand.

Have you noticed how she nods her head when she agrees with something the religion teacher or chapel speaker says? As if she’s in a black church…at least she doesn’t shout amen all the time.

She acts so white; she’s not even funny like black girls are on tv.

Why does she talk so much about race issues? Prejudice isn’t even problem any more.

And allll she ever talks about is college applications; I swear I’ve never seen anyone work harder to get away from this town. I wonder why…


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