Why I won’t pierce my ears in college.

When I was in 4th grade, I wanted huge hoop earrings.

When I was in 9th grade, I wanted pearl studs.

Right now, I want cute diamond studs and fashionable dangly earrings; however, my parents are not inclined to giving me the permission to pierce my ears. Even when one of my older sisters got her own ears pierced in her mid-twenties, I sure did not see my mom ignore the fact and refrain from voicing her disapproval.

Right now, my mother’s not sure about the places I am pinning my hopes on,  particularly about the fact that the majority of the schools I have applied to have been non-Adventist schools set in urban locations at least 400 miles away from home. She, rightly so, fears that leaving the security of my town with a lot more freedom than a seventeen-year-old girl can handle all at once will cause me to misuse that freedom, irresponsibly making choices counter to the morals she instilled in me.

I had always planned on piercing my ears once I turned 18, while in college, with no one to stop me from doing so. However, considering how wary my mom is of the campus environments of many of the school I applied to, I have decided against that plan. I need to embark on my college adventure with the awareness that my mother’s trust in me remains precarious;  I cannot afford to plant doubt in her.

Refraining from piercing my ears sounds like a trivial matter,

Witness my photo editing skills.
Witness my photo editing skills.

but I hold in high esteem my relationship with my mother, enough to sacrifice the fashion statement that I have always wished to make.


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