My reaction to my ACT scores (for once)

When I saw my ACT scores (for once)

At precisely 1:26 am, I logged on to to discover my final fate as a high school student. MY LAST HIGH SCHOOL STANDARDIZED TEST PRAISE THE LORD!
The scores are as follows:
English: 34
Math: 24
Reading: 35
Science: 25
That’s a composite score of 30.

Sooo unbelievably unexpected. First, I did not expect my reading score to increase (the last was a 31, a score I was happily content with). Second–the most astounding aspect of my scores–how did I get a higher score in reading than in English? And how did I get a higher score in science than I did in math? And there’s a strange 10 point difference between my reading score and science score, while there is precisely a one point difference between reading-english and science-math.
This must mean something.


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