I should just stop all of this and go to Southern.

That would make sense, right? Why, you ask?

1. For one, with my dad’s subsidy and the Hope scholarship and the leadership scholarship for students in my school, it would be incredibly cheap.

2. And, I’ve been accepted. So if I halted everything and decided to go to Southern, there would be no more of this anxiety–even more, I’d stop having to deal with all these self-esteem issues. I’d be done.

3. I have friends there. I have a campus job. The transition would be a breeze.


What about going to a school near a city that connects me to internships before graduation? Like I’ve always talked about?

Or going somewhere that let’s me get lost in the crowd like I’ve always wanted, where I have to go through the exhilarating process of searching for new friends that will enrich my life, and I theirs?

I kid myself when I say that an easy transition would be a benefit to my college experience. I’ve always found going someplace where no one knows me and I don’t know them, where I have to stumble through the environment for the first few days before finally not needing to ask for directions, where everything is new and opinions have yet to be formed, a thrill. 

I still want all of that PLUS a stimulating college experience that promotes small classes for in-depth discussions, one that challenges me.


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