What do you do when you blank out on the essay portion of the SATs?

And writing is supposedly your strength?

Let me tell you…I honesty don’t know. Writing is often the score booster I need, but this time around, I got to the test, thought about how I should only use personal experience as a last resort, how I should use big words, how I should try to fill the two pages, how these readers read so many essays and I had better be original, how the writing is 30% of my score, how Washington University will see this–all that and then early morning grogginess combined to make the worst standardized test essay performance that I have ever eked out.

I tend to stray away from excuses. And honestly, I was not unprepared for this test. My combined English/writing score for my last ACT was a 31, and I gained the highest score possible for Tennessee’s statewide writing test last year, but when it counts, I fumbled, tripped, stalled, failed myself.

And then there were portions in which I had 4 minutes, 6 minutes, even 10 minutes left after answering all the questions in the sections. I hated knowing that I had left behind such a horrid essay. Hopefully, the leftover time acts as an indicator that I did well in those sections.

Now you know why my blog is called Not Another Floundered Opportunity: my life consists, not of sprinklings, but of heavy dumpings of these. Here was yet another opportunity for me to prove my competency in writing, and I floundered it.


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