Advice to Isabelle: #1

Dear Isabelle,

So you know what you want to be, and it’s medical, much to the relief of our immigrant parents.

However, if you realize that your passion truly is writing or art or something that is “impractical” and “unsteady,” I say, don’t subdue that desire because you’re afraid of wanting to spend the rest of your life doing that thing. Entertain those passions in your thoughts. Weigh them with yourself. Instead of basing your decision of whether or not to pursue a certain passion of yours by what is sensible, talk to God about it. He has given you your particular talent and love, and He alone knows the end from the beginning. Don’t abandon sense on behalf of your feelings, but don’t ignore what is natural to you, what your brain clicks with.

I think the reason why I am undecided about my major is because I never allowed myself to listen to what I know comes natural to me (the humanities) because I sought to marry what I enjoy with what is practical. College is your platform to success, girl. Don’t worry about being practical; rather, discover your passion and work. Apply for summer programs, practice on what you love–colleges will reward you!

Do not stifle your passions.


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